Velana International Airport (Maldives)

                                Under Construction

         Architecture and masterplanning: 1PAX

         Contractor: SBG 

         Engineering: SETEC

         Area: 77 000 m2

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      Extension Nice Terminal 1 (France)

                                  Under Construction

           Architects: 1PAX

           Engineering: SETEC

           Area: 1 000 m2

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        Almaty International Airport (Kazakhstan)


             Architects: 1PAX / 1M2

            Client : Vinci Airports

             Masterplan : ARUP

             Area: 88 000 m2

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          Mashhad International Airport (IRAN)

                                Masterplan Phase 1 et 2

               Platteform Masterplan: 1PAX

               Soft Mobility, Flow Planning, Contact and                   Remotes stands, aircraft circulation.

               Client: VINCI AIRPORTS

               International Terminal : Phase1 (4MPAX) 

                                                        Phase2 (6MPAX)

               Domestics Terminal : Phase1 (11 MPAX)

                                                    Phase2 (18 MPAX)

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          Mashhad International Airport Masterplan

          New International Terminal, Domestic Terminal Extension, Existing Facilities refurbishment (Current international Terminal, Hajj Terminal), Parkings - Concession Global Masterplan

          Airside plan : 1PAX / MCTA

          Landside plan, soft mobilities strategies: 1PAX, Studio 1M2

          Client : VInci Airports

          Terminals buildings architecture : 1PAX / 1M2

                 Riga Airport New Air Traffic Control Tower

                                Competition - Shortlisted

                Client: Latvijas gaisa satiksme

                 Architecture: 1PAX 

                 Engineering: EGIS

                 Airport Consultant: EGIS AVIA/1PAX

                 Landscape : Sempervirens

                Area: 4000  m2

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               Doha Red Line West Depot (QATAR)


                   Masterplan  and Architecture: 1PAX / TAW

                   Contractor: BESIX 

                   Engineering: SETEC / TSO

                   Client: Siemens Cities and Infrastructures

                   Area: 157 216  m2

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                Doha Red Line Al Whakra Depot (QATAR)

                                 Qatar Railways Headquarters

                     Masterplan  and Architecture: 1PAX / TAW

                     Contractor: BESIX 

                     Engineering: SETEC / TSO

                     Client: Siemens Cities and Infrastructures

                     Area: 13 000  m2

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                  PASSENGER EXPERIENCE
                  +  Design of guidelines to create a unique and memorable passenger experience
                  +  Visual identity of the project, retail concept
                  +  Marketing and communication tools
                  +  Operational furniture, product design
                  +  Signage and wayfinding design



                  +  Security Offices buildings, hangars, staff ancillary buildings, operation centers design

                  +  Masterplan study and selection of the most appropriate site
                  +  Assessment of visibility requirements and calculation of the control room height

                  +  Fitting out of the control room 
                  +  Functional layout of the technical block and support facilities

                  PASSENGER TERMINALS
                  +  Functional planning, envelope and interior design
                  +  Organization of flows
                  +  Aircraft stands layout
                  +  Baggage Handling System feasibility studies
                  +  Fire safety codes review

                  gallery/control tower
                  gallery/train station

                  +  Development strategy
                  +  Study of aircrafts taxiing

                  +  Sizing and location of ancillary buildings

                  +  Planning and sizing of access roads and car parks
                  +  Urban planing / Airport cities
                  +  Construction phasing

                  PROJECT MANAGEMENT

                  +  Project management consulting
                  +  Facitity sizing and design brief
                  +  Project coordination
                  +  Traffic forecast review
                  +  Construction phasing
                  +  Review of airport security
                  +  Definition of works packages and interfaces

                  RAILWAY STATIONS
                  +  Design of High speed train stations and subway stations, 
                  +  Flows organization 
                  +  Sizing of horizontal and vertical circulations
                  +  Design of multi-modal transportation hubs

                  +  Design with Autodesk REVIT 2017
                  +  Modeling of existing infrastructures
                  +  Construction and demolition phasing
                  +  Coordination and clash detection 




                    1PAX is an architecture agency dedicated to the design of transport infrastructures, its planning, architecture and interior design as well as modeling and management through BIM digital models.



                    Our name 1PAX (one pax, one passenger) reminds that the passenger must be at the center of our concerns throughout the development of a project. The infrastructures of the movement have long been conceived as "machines" neglecting the human scale and the user' s daily life.
                    We believe that the main qualities of these buildings should be simple, accessible and inspiring, conveying a feeling of security and dynamism.
                    Like many other professions, the design of these infrastructures must evolve towards a more direct relationship with users and their design must take into account this social and public dimension.
                    1PAX combines engineers and architects in a multidisciplinary approach that guarantees a capacity for innovation and a rigorous and a smart implementation of the projects’ technical requirements. 



                    1PAX has been created by

                    - Alexandre GUIBOURT (FR - 1982). President of 1PAX and Co -founder. Engineer of the Ecole Polytechnique and the Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées. Architecture degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Paris la Villette. 

                    - Mabel MIRANDA (PE - 1979). Co-founder and Architectural Director.  

                    Architect / Urbanist (2003) of the Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture in Paris.  Her architectural practice focuses on bringing together the territorial, urban, and architectural scale from the prism of the physical and  emotional experience of man using the infrastructures of mobility.



                    Since 2018 1PAX has been awarded with the label "Paris Innovation" of the City of Paris and has joined the incubator "Mobilities and Infrastructures"  of the accelerator IMPULSE LABS. 

                    1PAX has a private local of 97m² within the "Cargo", the largest innovation platform in Europe and benefits of the access to a large number of shared resources such as of the fully equiped meeting rooms, an amphitheater, cafeteria , terraces and relaxation areas.

                    Besides its presence in Paris, 1PAX has also a fully operational office in Lima, Peru.


                      Paris Office:

                      Le Cargo, 157 Bd MacDonald

                      75019 Paris, France

                      RER E: Rosa Parks       T3b :Canal St Denis

                      Métro7: Corentin Cariou  

                      Parking at the basement

                      Phone: +33 9 67 72 55 89

                      Lima Office :

                      Juan de Aliaga 277, Magdalena del Mar, Lima, Peru

                      Phone : +33 9 67 72 55 89

                      For all queries :